5 ideas para usar pelotitas de tela en clase

1. Toss The Ball
Sit the class in a circle on the floor. The teacher tosses the ball to a student and asks him/her a question, who then does the same with a different classmate.

2. Doggie, Doggie
Everyone sits in a circle with their hands behind their backs. One student is asked to close his/her eyes, while another tosses the ball to a third student, who hides it behind his/her back. Everyone chants ‘Doggie, doggie where’s your bone? Someone stole it from your home.’ The student is asked to open his/her eyes, and has three guesses as to who has the bone behind the back.

3. Shoot for Points
Set up a container that will serve as your “basket”. Students line up. Choose a topic or grammar point and ask each student a question. If he/she answers correctly, they can shoot the ball: 10 points if they score; 5 if they miss but answer the question correctly.

4. Spelling Ball
Have your students stand in a big circle. Say a word and toss the ball to one of your students. He/she says the first letter of the word and tosses the ball to a classmate, who has to say the second letter, and then tosses the ball to another. Students who make a mistake must sit down and the game starts again. The last student standing is the winner!

5. Freeze!
Students sit in a circle with a set of flashcards in the center. Students pass the ball around the circle. Tell them they can’t hold the ball for more than a second. Cover your eyes while they do this and say, “Freeze!” The student who has the ball must stop and take a flashcard from the pile. Ask them to either say the word or use it in a sentence.


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