Beneficios de jugar On Mute!

¿Todavía no lo jugaste? Mirá todos los beneficios que tiene este juego 👇👇👇

💫It improves vocabulary: The fact that the new word is being acted out in a fun way is bound to make the newfound knowledge stick.

💫It sparks creative thinking: Thinking creatively can open up the mind and help people to think out of the box. On Mute is designed to get students out of their comfort zone!

💫It is fun and entertaining: The entire process of the game is about laughing and keeping things light-hearted. This will make your class memorable!

💫It is excellent for team building: It promotes collaboration between individuals as teammates help each other. When you are laughing and having fun, you are more prone to bonding with those around you.


¿Todavía no lo tenés? Compralo acá 😉:

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